Cocktail Branding Design


 Competition Brief



The Black Mixologist Club Cocktail Brand Creation

Did you know that the term 'cocktail' was first coined by an African-American man in the 19th century?

The history of the cocktail is rich with untold stories of African-American mixologists experimenting behind saloon bars, crafting recipes that evolved into the drinks we enjoy today. Often unacknowledged in modern-day retellings, we’re shaking up inaccurate representation and bringing back their most iconic recipes.

The Black Mixologist Club champions the unsung black heroes that shaped cocktail culture.

The brief for this project asked for a new drinks brand with a strong focus on sustainability. My response to the brief gives attention to the least recognised side of this: social sustainability. Social sustainability encompasses social equity, diversity and social responsibility, and unfortunately the drinks industry falls behind in it's aims to support it. My brand idea focuses on the important inclusion of minorities in history, correctly crediting key characters, promoting equity and inspiring the black youth of today.

Logo Design

Can Design

The selection of premixed cocktails revive the recipes of some of the most influential black mixologists in cocktail history. Back label copy shares more details about their stories and the incredible work they put in to craft the art of mixology.

Marketing & Brand Extension

Idea for collaboration with the MOBO (Music of Black Origin) Awards

Pop-up bars inspired by 19th century saloons, and informative coaster designs.

Brand merchandise includes cocktail mixers and engraved glasses