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Branding & Packaging


University Project



'Crow Gin'

Branding & Packaging

Crow Gin is a fictional brand inspired by the first female chief of the Crow Tribe of Montana. Using her 19th century recipe and native botanicals, Crow Gin honours her legacy. The logo is crafted with native warrior markings on crow feathers that sit above the indigenous female symbol, alluding to her fiery strength and bravery. From this, I crafted brand guidelines depicting the personality of the brand, web design, point of sale, packaging for two types of gin and extended the brand to awards sponsorship.

foiled logo 2.jpg
Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 15.23.23.png
CG Session 1-053.jpg
CG Session 1-067.jpg
CG Session 1-076.jpg
mockup 1.jpg
mockup 2.jpg
mockup 3.b.jpg
invitation card v1.jpg
awards poster.jpg
website mockup.jpg
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