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Book Design


Design and production of cover and inside pages


Bangkok Patana School class of 2016



The 'Grad Book' is a book composed of memories of a year group of students, presented to them the year that the graduate from high school. I worked with a team of students to create the grad book for this graduating class of 2016, other team members organised various aspects for printing or gathered and proofread messages and photos from over 150 students, while I designed and produced the cover and the background for each style of page. We then worked as a team to bring all the elements together for printing. 

This is the front cover of the book, I decided to maintain a 'neon lights' theme throughout the whole book, as I felt it would be effective and still visually pleasing when printed on some pages in black and white. I used multiple online tutorials and adapted techniques in order to generate realistic looking neon signs, for text and various shapes on other pages.  

Using the same brick background, I created neon-light graphics and a set layout with consideration into font size, type face, style and spacing for around 15 different types of pages within the main body of the book.

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